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Opponents who will play until they've taken it ALL off! You can play against two girls at a time, or play against one girl for a more intimate game.

Each girl has a distinct personality and playing style. Best of all, you are always viewing their full bodies, as you would in real life.

High color, full-motion, interactive digital video throughout the ENTIRE game. Each stage of a strip poker game is displayed as video: betting, raising, folding, etc. and, of course, the best part: stripping! Each opponent consists of over ONE HUNDRED individual video clips!

Easy-to-use, completely mouse-driven game interface.

Add-on opponents! Opponent Pack #1 and #2 offer additional girls to play with.

Interactive party toys to spice up the game! You simply click and drop a toy on the opponent you want to interact with, then watch her reaction! Each girl reacts differently, based on the personality of that girl. The following toys are included:
Cop-a-Feel Hands
Cop-a-Feel Hands
For those times when you can't keep your hands to yourself!

Lick-o-Matic Tongue
Lick-o-Matic Tongue
Is it rude to lick a girl when she's trying to play poker? Find out!

Chug-a-Lug Beer Mug
Even naked girls get thirsty. Besides, what's a strip poker game without alcohol?!

Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass
The big payoff: a close-up view of your naked opponent. Available when an opponent has lost all her clothes. Zooming in never felt so good!



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